20 habits of curious people

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We can all learn something from curious people. Curious people are naturally inquisitive and open-minded, which means they’re predisposed to learning new things. They see life as full of possibilities rather than problems. Experts say that curious people are flexible and adaptable. They don’t feel threatened by new situations, ideas, or cultures. At the very least, they’re the ones you want to be around when you’ve got a question.

It’s common to feel more curious as a child, but as we get older, research suggests that some people develop a talent for cultivating it later in life. That’s according to Barbara Fredrickson at the University of North Carolina. In 2001 she proposed a curiosity “protective factor” – a way of looking at curiosity as an emotion with its own set of benefits. This protective factor is about using curiosity as a resource – to cultivate new knowledge and positive experiences.

Einstein got himself lost as a teen and was thrilled by it. Bill Gates used to sneak into the University of Washington after hours as a teen to read the computer science journals stored there. Curious people constantly learn, seek out experiences that inform them, keep themselves humble and open to what they don’t know, and remain excited and eager about life.

Curiosity is the difference between people who get excited about new ideas and people who shun them. Curiosity makes new ideas exciting, and curiosity makes new things possible. The things we learn as children are the foundation of all our knowledge. If we pay attention, we can learn from them and build on that knowledge. But we tend to forget. As we get older, many of us stop paying attention. We stop discovering new things.

The habits below will help you stay curious throughout your life. They will help you develop an attitude of excitement and a commitment to never stop learning. Use these habits to make learning as much fun as it used to be.

Here are 20 habits that curious people have in common:

  • they love to learn
  • they stay in the moment
  • they are open to different viewpoints and ideas
  • they like to solve problems
  • they like to talk about everything
  • they are self-motivated
  • they are creative
  • they are confident in their ability to learn
  • they are persistent
  • they are good at reading people
  • they ask a lot of questions
  • they aren’t afraid to say, “I don’t know.”
  • they are willing to be wrong.
  • they are open to rejection or disappointment.
  • nothing bores them
  • they make connections easily
  • they make time for curiosity.
  • they are more positive
  • they seek surprise
  • they are fully present

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