Little-known Star Wars facts

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Star Wars is almost 40 years old. The franchise is iconic, the movies are popular, and its fandom is massive. There are tons of facts about Star Wars that have accumulated over the years that are more obscure than those you already know. When you think of this legendary franchise, do you ever wonder who played the Wookiee Chewbacca in The Force Awakens? Or did you know that George Lucas originally intended for Star Wars to be an opera? Or how about Queen Padme’s name meaning of “lotus flower” in Japanese?

Here is a compilation of little-known Star Wars facts by Reddit

Less than 40 theaters agreed to book showings of Star Wars after its release date was moved up to before Memorial

Around the same time, 20th Century Fox was going to release an eagerly anticipated adaptation of a bestselling book called The Other Side of Midnight, which theaters were eager to show. Fox then stipulated that any theater showing The Other Side of Midnight must also show Star Wars, which inflated the number of screens for the movie. Needless to say, Star Wars eventually became the highest-grossing movie ever made up to that time, while The Other Side of Midnight didn’t even break the $25 million mark.

Because requiring movie theaters to show one movie in exchange for another movie was actually illegal, 20th Century Fox ended up being fined $25,000 for forcing theaters to show The Other Side of Midnight

The swordfight choreographer for the original trilogy was Olympic fencer Bob Anderson

David Prowse, the actor behind Darth Vader's mask, was so bad at the sword-fighting scenes that in Empire and Jedi Bob Anderson wore the Vader costume and filmed most of the lightsaber fight scenes with Mark Hamill. Bob Anderson got a cameo in the series, too. He's the Rebel commander looking through the monoculars on Hoth.

The reason the bartender in A New Hope doesn’t serve droids or let them in is that during the Clone Wars battle droids killed his parents

The music in the cantina, and the unfortunate addition in Jabbas palace, is called Jizz. Practitioners are known as Jizz Wailers.

The Imperial Board of Culture gave ratings on pop culture on how friendly it was to the empire. A Scarlet rating meant it wasn't pro- or anti-Imperial, but even a Scarlet rating would mean works would be more popular than approved Imperial media.

The word "robots" is used exactly once in the entire saga.

Luke says it instead of "droids" in front of the destroyed Sandcrawler before going back home. A slip of the tongue made it into the final product.

In every star wars movie, someone says "I have a bad feeling about this"

Also, at least one limb gets sliced off in every movie

Potato asteroid

A shoe and a potato were used as asteroids while filming the asteroid scenes in which they were pursued. The "potato asteroid" is the third one and the shoe is the fourth as Solo gets them over an asteroid to get rid of their pursuers. In Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back:

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg deal

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg made a deal when each made Star Wars and Close Encounters. Neither was sure they’d succeed, so they agreed that whichever one made the most money at the box office, the other director would get 2.5% of the profits. That way they’d both succeed no matter what. Obviously, Star Wars made more. So for over 40 years, Steven Spielberg has been getting 2.5% of Star Wars episode IV’s box office profits. That’s millions upon millions of dollars. And it was re-released in the 90s too successfully.

There used to be a Rabbit smuggler

In the old Star Wars comics, there used to be a giant anthropomorphic rabbit smuggler. His ship was called the "Rabbit's Foot", the faction he fought for was called the "Star Hoppers", and he occasionally prayed to the "Holy Hutch".